Getting Your Home Ready To List For Summer Season

Summit County has seen a spike in sales through the summer season in the last two years. This momentum will likely continue and many of my clients have been asking what they need to do to get their property in selling condition. What do buyers expect to see? What makes your property stand out amongst all the others?

  • A Clean Home – Buyers want to see a property they can picture themselves and their family in. Removing clutter, touching up paint, tossing the old furniture that is falling apart, removing personal items and cleaning out unwanted items in those storage units (yes, even the storage units) helps potential buyers visualize how they will utilize the property.
  • Pricing – There are many strategies to pricing a home. The most straight forward and quickest way to sell your property is to price just ahead of the market.
    1. Let’s say there is a condominium for sale in the same complex that is very comparable to the property you want to sell. The other property has some updates here and there, but they are both in good shape and both follow rule #1 of being clean and decluttered. Which one is most likely to sell first?
  • If you said the one that is priced competitively you are correct. People appreciate updates of course, but the same property which is priced more competitively, people can update the property to their taste. So long as you follow Rule #1 (clean home), most people can work with the basics.
  • By pricing your home just lower than the competition you sell it in an expeditious fashion, and you aren’t continuing to pay for the overhead of owning the property once you decide to sell.
  • Highlight The Property’s Best Features – Think of it like online dating. As your listing agent we will be marketing the property online, right? It really isn’t much different. If your property backs to a wetland, we want to market that. If the HOA is efficient and reasonably priced, this is a huge perk for any potential buyer and can set your property apart from others. Your listing agent needs to know how you’ve maximized the property’s potential, so we can do our jobs by helping potential buyers pick us.
  • Get Organized – Your property will go on the market assuming you as a seller want it to move as quickly as possible. Did you just have a hot water heater fixed? Dig up the warranty. Was the roof of your building complex just replaced? Dig up the HOA documentation and minutes. Do you have prime location in Frisco or Keystone? Provide your listing agent those rock star rental numbers. Take the guess work out for any potential buyer.

Hopefully this sheds some light on the sometimes daunting task of getting your property ready to list. Summit County has a healthy market, and setting your property apart from others will alleviate the waiting game. If you’d like to talk about how I can help your property get market ready, please feel free to contact me!

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